The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

Ghost Hunting
Ghost Hunting
Everything Ghost Hunting

The Everything Ghost Hunting Book is available for order on, Barnes & Noble and fine booksellers worldwide. It is available in ebook format as well for download to Kindle and Nook. With dozens of rave reviews on Amazon, EGHB has an average reader score of 4.6 out of 5 stars and is considered the bible for ghost hunters. Star Girl, in her Amazon review says: “This book is not only a wonderful primer for beginners, but a good resource to have for intermediates as well as those who are seasoned: everything is easily found using the index, so it’s a great reference guide. In addition, those who aren’t paranormal investigators (such as writers and journalists) who need to research the topic in order to sound knowledgeable about what they’re writing will also find this invaluable.” The book’s comprehensive look at ghost-hunting and ghost hunters is a guaranteed good read for everyone interested in delving further into the supernatural world and the attempt to document that paranormal entities are trying to communicate with us. Martin-Ellis lives in Rhode Island and has taken classes in ghost-hunting at The Atlantic Paranormal Society in Warwick (TAPS). She was assisted in her research by members of TRIPRG, the Rhode Island Paranormal Research group, as well as Nathan Schoonover of the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show and the Extreme Paranormal TV show.

Ghostman & Demon Hunter
Ghostman & Demon Hunter

Melissa was interviewed on the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show April 5th, 2009. To hear her segment, the player controls can be advanced to minute 34:20 for the start of the interview. She has collected photographs of unexplained and paranormal phenomenon for decades and is an avid paranormal investigator. She also authored 101 Ways to Find a Ghost and is currently writing New England Haunts, a guide to paranormal and ghostly phenomena in Southern New England..

The Everything Photography Book


The Everything Photography Book was released in April, 2009.

photography_book_coverEditorial Reviews

Product Description
People love taking pictures, and there are more photography options today than ever before! Including thirty black-and-white photos depicting proper shooting, development, and general photography techniques, this photography guide covers:

  • Selecting the right camera, lens, and accessories
  • The pros and cons of film vs. digital
  • Controlling exposures with apertures and shutter speeds
  • Black-and-white versus color photography
  • Ways to modify light and use flash
  • Printing and developing photos
  • Turning a photography hobby into a career
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Whether they’re shooting portraits and still life or travel and nature photos, this is the perfect resource for any photographer. From the beginner to the experienced shutter-clicker, enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels will find the information they need to take great pictures. 

About the Author
Melissa Martin Ellis (Newport, RI) is a freelance writer and photographer with more than twenty-five years of experience. Her work has appeared in such diverse publications as The Boston Globe, Rhode Island Monthly, Newport This Week, Balancing the Tides, TheProvidence Journal, Horsemen’s Yankee Peddler, and Newport Life Magazine. A former supervisor of the photo lab at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in Newport, Ms. Ellis is a longtime member of the Newport Art Museum and has served as an officer of the Newport Photographer’s Guild. She has exhibited numerous times in New England, most recently in a well-received two-person show called “Dreams of Empire” in Newport, RI..

Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels

Everything GuideMelissa Martin Ellis & her husband, author Mark Ellis, wrote their book, The Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels together in 2007.

The title can be ordered from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The Amazon link is:

See below for a brief excerpt.

Introduction to Graphic Novels

Comics’ historian, artist and visionary, Jim Steranko described the genesis of modern comic books as a “dream that instantly developed into a full scale industry.”

More than just a cultural phenomenon, comic books became, along with jazz, one of the two purely American art forms. Like jazz, comics suffered through a long period of time when they were considered disreputable.

Although the comics form entered into popular culture far more swiftly than jazz, it was never accorded any degree of respect and was usually dismissed as an example of completely disposable art. People who found value in the comics medium, either as fans or creators, were viewed as little better than subliterates.

But, as the old song says, time was on our side. In the form of the graphic novel, the comics medium is now a legitimate expression of both art and literature. The creative urge can find its full outlet through the marriage of narrative and sequential art, melding drawing and story elements into something unique—a tale told through pictures and dialogue, separated into single images confined by panels.

Although the traditional production of comic books has been due to the output of a team (writer, pencil artist, inker, colorist and letterer), very often graphic novels harken back to the older production method of newspaper strips. These features were created by writer-artists like Milton Caniff, Will Eisner and Hal Foster. They were artists, but they were also blessed with the talent to spin gripping yarns. These were young men who started out with a dream and many pictures later found themselves to be the authors of enduring pieces of Americana, parents of cultural icons that have outlived their creators. The authors of today’s graphic novels may very well find that their own dreams will achieve a similar sort of immortality.

The Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels outlines the process of comics’ creation, from story to panel layout, to finished, printed production. Graphic novels have entered the mainstream and become the hot category for both established professionals and aspiring creators. From super-heroes to werewolves, Hollywood is increasingly looking toward graphic novels to adapt into films… V For Vendetta, Road To Perdition, A History of Violence, The Watchmen…these are just a few graphic novels that have enjoyed immense popularity and translation into big-budget films.

In The Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels, professional comics creators Mark and Melissa Ellis break down the creation process into easy to follow steps, from the creation of characters to gripping storylines and the ins and outs of publication production.

This book offers examples of comics’ artwork by famous, even legendary artists to use as guides and inspirations. At the same time, we hope that this book offers a little of the same kind of emotional nourishment provided by comics themselves—a sense of fun and adventure.

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