The Hunt is on AGAIN!

Ghost Hunting

The Everything Ghost Hunting Book

Revising a book can be fun, as I am learning as I work on the second edition of The Everything Ghost Hunting Book. I was contacted by the publisher, F&W Media in May, 2013 to update the technology described and revisit interviewees who were in the original volume to see what they’ve been up to in the last five years. So far, I have really enjoyed the process.


For those unfamiliar with the work, The Everything Ghost Hunting Book is an illustrated guide for those wishing to understand the (relatively) new phenomena of investigating the paranormal using technology. I have had many team leaders and newly formed teams contact me to say how useful it is when they are training new members. My book discusses the various approaches investigators currently use to bolster proof of ghosts, poltergeists and other paranormal phenomena. It also discusses the long, rich history of paranormal investigation that preceded our current technological approach.


As I researched the book, I had the pleasure of talking to and interviewing some amazingly interesting people. I am very happy indeed to check back in with them for the new edition. As a Rhode Islander, I’m fortunate to be located in one of the most historically “mysterious” regions of the country. The first case of alleged vampirism in America occurred in Rhode Island. There are innumerable old cemeteries (or burying grounds as we call them) and there are many old houses that date back to the settling of this country. All of New England is a happy hunting ground for those looking for proof of an afterlife or at least inexplicable ghostly doings.

As the book progresses, I’ll post periodic updates.