Beecoming Sophie – A Bee Conscious Adventure

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Beecoming Sophie is a Young Adult graphic novel (actually suitable for Adults as well) which explores ways to save the honeybees from extinction through beautiful imagery and imaginative storytelling.

Adopted teen Sophie Saffron has a secret–the bee that flew in her window one rainy evening is far more than she seems. She is Phoebee, the Queen of the Bees and she carries all the secrets of their ancient wisdom. She has an urgent message for Sophie, who adopts Phoebee and her mission. She must save the honeybees worldwide–before it is too late for them and all mankind. Sophie recruits her brother Rolando, and friend Sokuen to sting the community into bee-conscious action!

Adapted by Mark Ellis from a script by Susan West Kurz. Illustrated by Melissa Martin- Ellis and Jeff Slemons.

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